Why Convert to endoPRO iQ?

PENTAX Medical offers you a complete solution that will enable you to do more than ever before with other platforms. The endoPRO iQ® Informatics Solution is designed to seamlessly integrate with the Olympus and Fuji endoscopy platform. Convert to PENTAX Medical — the only flexible endoscopy company with an internally developed informatics solution.

endoPRO iQ is a comprehensive, quality reporting and information management system that supports all stages of your endoscopy lab’s clinical workflow. From patient arrival to discharge, and scheduling to coding, every element of the patient-care continuum is documented and archived for easy, one-click retrieval and reporting. This system is designed to integrate with the PENTAX Medical endoscopy platform as well as those from other manufacturers, including Olympus. PENTAX Medical is specifically focused on solutions for the endoscopy suite.

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The Industry’s Turnkey Solution

Turney SolutionAs the industry’s premier turn-key solution, endoPRO iQ provides customers with a one-stop shop for endoscopy image capture and information management solution, from software development to ongoing support and maintenance. This includes coverage for all necessary hardware needed to integrate with existing endoscopy equipment, including brands other than PENTAX Medical.

Remove the nuances associated with sourcing hardware and customizing installations, convert to endoPRO iQ today!


What is endoPRO iQ?

endoPRO iQ® Informatics Solutions: Focused on quality and efficiency

endoPRO iQ is a technology platform designed to support the workflow requirements of all stages of an endoscopy suite. It provides a simple, integrated and semi-automated clinical and lab productivity reporting process that can be completely user-customized to meet your unique data management needs.



User-friendly Interface

Intuitive and fully customizable

Intuitive Workflow

Automated data entry and
one-click reporting

Seamless Integration

Interfaces with all brands of endoscopic equipment

endoPRO iQ Better Outcomes

Customize endoPRO iQ’s Interface for Ease-of-Use

CustomizeableFrustrated with a cumbersome and rigid software interface? endoPRO iQ eliminates the frustration that comes with using older software platforms by giving one-click access to information our customers need fast. Now, customers can see all data entry screens with just one click, in the way they want to see it. Customize endoPRO iQ to fit how you want to see relevant procedure data such as indications, sedation plan, planned scopes, planned procedures assistants, attending fellow and referring MD with reliable data accuracy.

All data captured flows to downstream physician and nursing reports and can be accessible from anywhere you need with the proper access credentials, whether it is an nurse at another hospital, or a doctor reviewing procedure notes from his office or home. Customers get access to all previous procedures, along with procedure notes, images, and other scanned documents.



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Automate Your Reporting in One Click

Are repetitive reporting steps taking up time you could be spending on patient care? Automated
endoPRO iQ gives customers the power to gain easier access to their most frequently visited sections with “Physician Favorites”. Our customer’s workflow capabilities are also enhanced because endoPRO iQ enables users to easily report adenoma detection rates, track procedures that are pending pathology results, and assign histological results.

In addition, customers will be able to view side-by-side image comparisons of obtained tissue and pathology results within the procedure report. endoPRO iQ is a technology platform designed to support the workflow requirements of all stages of an endoscopy suite. It provides a simple, integrated and semi-automated clinical and lab productivity reporting process that can be completely user-customized to meet your unique data management needs.




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Not Just Easy to Use. Easy to Integrate!

User-friendlyendoPRO iQ has cross-platform compatibility, interfacing with all brands of endoscopic equipment, and integrating seamlessly with healthcare information systems and other medical devices crucial to quality patient care. The endoPRO iQ service and support team has years of experience converting EndoWorks and all other existing databases, providing access to all previously stored information from other platforms in endoPRO iQ. PENTAX Medical’s iGate technology actually eliminates the need for specific hardware that you would otherwise need with other softwares.





Not convinced endoPRO iQ can easily install and integrate with your systems? Download a free case study with the specifics:

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endoPRO iQ Conversion Plan

PENTAX Medical has five years of experience converting Olympus® EndoWorks® systems to endoPRO and endoPRO iQ®. We offer a variety of options that convert your historical patient data to this solution. Our dedicated team of specialists will help you successfully plan, train, customize, and convert your Olympus EndoWorks system to endoPRO iQ in your facility, all while letting you maintain a focus on patient care.




Implementation Process

Our all-inclusive professional services package includes planning, personalization, testing, training, and implementation of your new endoPRO iQ system. With this package, we will closely guide you from contract execution to system conversion, go-live and through your transition to our Client Care Team.

Our commitment is working with you to ensure your transition is easy. Make the simple choice. Convert to the powerful solution that understands your day-to-day needs and challenges. Convert your Olympus EndoWorks system to
endoPRO iQ.



What do our Customers Think?

PENTAX’s endoPRO iQ® software and features record and save images, provide a template for physicians to enter their post procedure reports, provide patient discharge instructions, and track patient visits. It allows us to do so much and I know that we are not using it to its potential…”

Rowena Radich, RN, manager of Washington Outpatient Surgery Center’s Gastrointestinal Endoscopy Center, Fremont, CA

The program allows us to easily pull all monthly data for submission in seconds! As we begin the quality-based procedures funding model this year, the new database has already proven to be critical for coding of endoscopy procedures.”

Jeanette Bulgin, Clinical Manager, Endoscopy (All Sites), 2F Digestive Disease Clinic GI Investigation Lab, Hamilton Health Sciences, Hamilton, Ontario Canada

We’ve never had an endoscopy platform that integrates so well with our hospital electronic medical record. The ability to complete procedure notes while within the endoscopy room improves my efficiency immensely, and leads to a more detailed procedure note.”

Jason Samarasena MD. Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine, H. H. Chao Comprehensive Digestive Disease Center. Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. University of California–Irvine

Compliant with US Government Standards

DOD for siteendoPRO iQ is the proven endoscopy image capture and information management solution for all DoD and VA facilities. Why, you ask?

  • endoPRO iQ is the only DIACAP certified endoscopy information management solution on the market today
  • Providing US government approved information security for your patient and employees
  • endoPRO iQ is the only solution capable of capturing still images without requiring additional capture computer hardware
    • Environments with PENTAX EPKi processors don’t require additional capture hardware due to proprietary PENTAX i-Gate technology
  • endoPRO iQ is the only turn-key hardware/software solution developed and supported in house by a leading endoscopy core equipment provider
    • Built by PENTAX Medical, Supported by PENTAX Medical

Meet the Team

Stefani Hines

Director Sales, Informatics and Software Solutions

What excites me about EndoPro iQ is that it is a full service solution that can be customized to meet ANY customers needs. This gives us the ability to target both small surgery centers as well as large IDN’s. With technology being ever changing we also have the ability to evolve our platform and constantly add new features and services in order to meet the growing demands in the industry.

Matthew Alverson

Sr. Software Engineer

Research and Development is dedicated to ensuring endoPRO IQ is equipped with the latest technology and advancements. Developed by an accomplished team of in-house engineers who understand the unique clinical demands of medical software, our customers are assured their vision of the software can be brought to market.  Quality measure reporting, seamless image management using the latest technology, and adenoma detection rate metrics are a few of the key new features added to the comprehensive endoPRO IQ software solution.

Tara Auer

Project Manager

Within endoPRO iQ, we’ve created a platform that allows our customers to utilize a range of functionality, from basic image capturing to complex data mining.  As a Project Manager, I guide the customers through the entire transition process including testing, installation, and post go-live acceptance of endoPRO iQ.  Every project is a new, exciting experience as I discuss all of the endoPRO iQ features and configuration options with the nursing and physician staff and help customize it to best fit their needs.

Shannon Studebaker

Senior Project Manager

Adaptability to the market while delivering a customer friendly experience are two things that we strive to provide with our endoPRO iQ product offering.  With each customer, we take special care to listen to their needs and show them how our software can adapt to make their jobs easier resulting in better patient care.   The ability of endoPRO iQ to be configured with the end user in mind allows you, our customers, to focus on your customer, the patient.   From setting personal favorite pick lists to having your own custom database reports, we provide the solution needed to create that familiar, friendly environment.  The beauty of our software solution is that a lot of what is not known today can be achieved tomorrow via the flexibility of endoPRO iQ without waiting for a new version to adjust to market changes.

James Unruh

Manager, Clinical Application Training

Our endoPRO iQ system is a forward looking document writer for endoscopy labs.  Our greatest strength is our customization of the software.  Whether it be custom content, custom reporting or the use of favorites, we can ensure that documenting your procedure is done accurate and efficiently.  Our most exciting new feature I the introduction of favorites.  The endoscopist can now save favorite list items or even create favorite templates that will create a faster workflow for documenting their procedures.  Our software is only half of the solution, we offer exceptional service from our project managers, clinical trainers and the field service team.

Aaron Mayfield

Clinical Application Trainer

I feel the most important and exciting feature EndoPro IQ has to offer is the extensive capability of customizing the software for each individual user. Pentax goes above and beyond to provide the best customer support in our industry.

Virginia Villanueva

Senior Software Support

With PENTAX’s innovative endoPRO iQ software, doctors and patients become attached to each other like inseparable twins.  EndoPRO iQ creates symbiosis between doctors and patients benefiting both from the relationship.

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