The Value of endoPRO iQ for Gastroenterologists Using GIQuIC for Reimbursements

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In line with the current shift from fee-for-service to quality-based reimbursements in the field of Gastroenterology, GI physicians are now mandated to comply with PQRS (Physician Quality Reporting System) measures. PENTAX Medical’s endoPRO iQ, a software program used for the management of endoscopy documents and images, is designed for use with the web-based registry GIQuIC (GI Quality Improvement Consortium, Ltd), which was approved by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services in 2014 as a PQRS qualified clinical data registry. The following blog discusses how endoPRO iQ can be used to improve the accuracy and efficiency of PQRS reporting for gastroenterologists when used in conjunction with GIQuIC.


Gastroenterologists who fail to adhere to mandated PQRS reporting measures will now be faced with a 2% negative payment adjustment for all of their Medicare Part B services. GIQuIC is a clinical data registry used for PQRS reporting. As of May 2015, 3100 endoscopists and nearly 400 organizations were using the GIQuIC database.

The advantage of GIQuIC for gastroenterologists is the database’s thirteen (13) GI-specific measures that are approved for reporting purposes. These allow GI physicians to achieve reimbursement based on relevant practices (e.g. adequacy of bowel prep) rather than on more traditional, primary-care-based measures that they are less likely to perform in daily practice (e.g. tracking smoking cessation or managing hypertension).

To avoid annual penalties, GI physicians using GIQuIC must report at least three (3) individual measures, such as “Adenoma Detection Rate” or “Incidence of Perforation,” that cover at least one (1) National Quality Strategy (NQS) domain, such as “Patient Safety” or “Effective Clinical Care.” Conversely, providers can earn an incentive by reporting at least nine (9) individual measures, with at least one outcome measure (as opposed to a process measure), that cover at least three (3) NQS domains.

The Role of endoPRO iQ in PQRS Reporting:

GIQuIC must be used in conjunction with a digital software program, such as PENTAX Medical’s endoPRO iQ. The endoPRO iQ is a technology platform that enables gastroenterologists to easily document all stages of an endoscopy suite procedure, ranging from patient scheduling and pre-procedure documentation to procedure reports (images and pathology results) to referral follow-up and billing and coding.

The endoPRO iQ program can be user-customized to meet the unique needs of gastroenterologists and their ancillary staff, who benefit from superior image quality and data collection when using the program for productivity reporting. endoPRO iQ boasts a user-friendly interface and can be seamlessly integrated into hospital EMR (electronic medical record) systems such that quality results can be delivered to the national registry. The program not only increases provider productivity, quality of care, and patient experience, but it also has the potential to reduce costs given its designation as a “long-term value purchase.”


GI physicians and their ancillary staff need an efficient way to accurately manage data to allow for optimization of the value-based reimbursement process that has become the driving force of healthcare reform. This means something different for every hospital and every office. Softwares like endoPRO iQ are so flexible, that they have the ability to customize to the unique needs of a variety of facilities.



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